By MORITA (20140718 10:00)

Dear friends,

The Israeli military began a ground offensive in the Gaza Strip on Thursday night.
We must save Palestinian.
So, we have decided to express our voices on the streets in Kyoto city.

Please join us.

You can see more information below.


Dear all,

Israel continues to bombard Gaza with missiles in the center of concentrated residential areas, even in day light, massacring civilians indiscriminately.
Two million people are exposed to this attack, due to the illegal blockade started since 2006. With the recent attack more than 200 people, including children, were killed.
This is the third attack in five and a half years, the first occurred at the end of 2008.  These insane massacres repeat in front of us.
We have decided to express our voices on the streets,  “Israel, Stop indiscriminate killings!” “Stop The Blockade!”

On 19th July between 19 and 20:30 hrs on the Kyoto Sanjo Bridge (Sanjyo Ohashi), we will perform standing peace vigil to mourn all the victims who were killed and to demonstrate against the genocide by Israel. We will stand with candles and messages. Please join us.
We encourage everyone to wear black, as much as possible.  Please bring along your messages on a large paper or on board as much as possible.  We will prepare the candles, your own are also welcome.
We will stand even in the rain.

Peace Walk Kyoto
Tsubame (Swallow) Club